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Innovations for Equitable and Value-Based Care

The Atadas telehealth solutions support value-based care focused on better patient outcomes, improved provider well-being and enhanced population health across communities.

Our solutions are designed with the overall purpose of reducing high health care costs for the following:

Digital Health Care Systems

Private Label Patient Engagement

  • Integrate with your system
  • Your brand, Your app
  • Off the shelf Patient Engagement
  • Personalized patient features


Retain Patients, Reduce Compliance Costs

  • Better tools to administer Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) treatment with fewer manual processes
  • Artificial intelligence results in higher quality of care
  • Compliance dashboards highlight treatment variances, which translate to fewer risks

Healthcare Networks and Rehab Centers

Reduced Health Care Costs

  • Fewer office visits; and instead more telehealth encounters
  • Better treatment plans and outcomes with less prescribed medication
  • Reduced relapses means fewer overdoses and ER admissions
  • Healthier patients are less likely to experience future chronic care conditions


Evidence and Merit-Based

  • Improved evidence of treatment progress
  • Remote audits of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services
  • Compliance with standard of care


Improved Patient Experience and Outcomes

  • More engaged treatment = higher likelihood of sustained recovery
  • Increased remissions translates to fewer overdoses and ER admissions
  • A renewed lifestyle and return to feeling well again


Improved Population Health

  • Better tools that support evidence-based care
  • Greater accessibility means more patients receive treatment
  • Timelier intervention with less likelihood of relapse
  • Rural communities can receive equitable telehealth care

Native American Tribes

Tribal Opioid Response Platform

  • Extend MAT operations
  • Disease Surveillance
  • Intuitive analytics

Drug Courts

Court Ordered Treatment Monitoring

  • Remote monitoring of medication treatment
  • Better communication
  • Improve safety and compliance

State Governments

Opioid Settlement Monitoring

  • Tools for settlement recipient providers
  • Focus on recovery and treatment
  • Outcome metrics
  • Funds execution efficiency

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