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Coordinated, Compliant Medication Care

The monitoring and management of controlled substances prescribed to patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) is a vital component of coordinated, compliant medication care. Due to a first-of-its-kind telehealth platform, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can now be performed electronically in a secure, HIPAA compliant platform available through a patient’s Android or iOS devices.

Atadas Pill Count as a Service (PCaaS)SM is a software subscription that automates required patient pill counts. This unique solution is both a mobile app for patients and an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard app for providers. By providing remote compliance monitoring, PCaaS removes the hassle of required patient trips to the doctor’s office for manual pill counts.

Pill Count as a Service
for Providers

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Patient Mobile App

  • Medication adherence reminders
  • Convenient remote pill counts Discrete assessment responses
  • Collaborative care tools

How it Works

PCaaS has two components: a patient mobile app (PillCountPro™-Mobile) and the provider cloud app (PillCountPro™-Provider). After patients and their prescription information are loaded, a random pill count schedule is created for each MAT patient. Patients are then prompted to download the PillCountPro-Mobile app. After activation, the mobile app is loaded with their MAT prescription and a medication reminder schedule. When required, PCaaS auto-sends a text message to the patient to submit a pill count. Using the mobile app, the patient then submits their certified pill count record, along with a photo of their remaining pills. Data is sent securely to the provider cloud app, and into the patient’s MAT Medication Chart dashboard, to monitor compliance progress. The burden of manual pill counts is eliminated.

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DEA Diversion Control

PCaaS supports compliance with the intent of DEA diversion control requirements. Patients under treatment for OUD are tracked within the PillCountPro-Provider app, and a one-click diversion control plan is made available. Remote DSM 5 Assessments and Informed Consent Agreements are also offered.

Patient Mobile App

Through the PillCountPro-Mobile app, patients receive medication reminders, submit pill counts based upon a random schedule generator, provide well-being self-assessments as needed, and maintain a log of medication dosages.

Provider App

Within the PillCountPro-Provider app, doctors receive alerts for any pill count noncompliance, along with regular reports on pill count submissions, medication adherence and self-assessment records. These records are also available to doctors 24/7 via their personal PCaaS portal. The segregated MAT Patient lists, diversion control plans and pill count submission records support the DEA guidelines for diversion control.

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Upgrade to AddMedPro™

PCaaS is fully integrated with the Atadas AddMedPro platform. This provides practitioners with the tools and software essential to increasing practice efficiency, while eliminating the far too many manual processes—including pill counts and the required documentation used to track regulatory compliance that have crept into today’s OBOT practices.

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