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Atadas has created a first of its kind telehealth platform that empowers patients with their medication treatments while providing accountability and compliance tools for providers. Initially designed for off the shelf support for medications for opioid use disorders (MOUD), our platform helps with other specialty medication treatments for acute disorders and chronic diseases.

Our patented technology drives the only solution available to provide evidence-based remote medication monitoring between refills along with treatment gap analysis and compliance tools.

The Atadas system supports remote medication treatment monitoring for patients, care coordination for providers, and compliance stats for payors.

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  • Patient: Using the AddMedPro mobile app, the patients can schedule appointments, send secure messages to the provider, and use the education tools in the app. Contingency management features include integrated patient incentives.
  • Provider: The AddMedPro provider cloud app allows the providers to use the virtual care features to monitor diversion control with e-pill counts and e-drug screens, and receive e-assessments from the patient. Providers can also use the care coordination features for case management ROI and referrals.
  • Payor: Payors can view treatment gaps, such as patient compliance scores and OBOT stats using the AddMedPro web app. Payors can also assess treatment guidelines compliance and Medicaid compliance through OBOT Compliance Charts, OBOT VBCview, and OUD Patient RiskView.


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The Pill Count as a ServiceSM (PCaaS) software automates random, mandatory pill counts; thus, eliminating the hassle of frequent visits to the physician’s office, allowing physicians to focus on patient care. Medication reminders and remote assessments are also offered.

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A patient-sided mobile app focused on patient retention
and medication adherence, allowing for better patient engagement, and increased treatment compliance

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A cloud-based, OBOT platform providing collaborative care solutions that allow doctors to respond to OUD patients, comply with various regulations and maintain visibility on critical metrics for MAT.

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