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Specialty Medication
Management Tools

Precise medication management is critical in the treatment of chronic conditions, especially with controlled substances, as regulatory bodies have rigid guidelines for medication administration.

As a result, specialty medications require a higher degree of handling and administration by physicians than other prescribed medications. In addition, physicians must carefully oversee patient use to ensure the medication is effective and the patient is on a path to a successful, desired outcome.

Remote Monitoring of Medication-Assisted
Treatments and Medication Adherence
Value-based Recovery Care Delivery

Atadas has created the first-of-its-kind telehealth platform, initially designed for the treatment and care of patients on medication for opioid use disorder (M OUD). Our platform also helps with other specialty medications treatments for acute disorders and chronic diseases.

Our patented technology drives the only solution available to provide evidence-based monitoring between refills of specialty medications and controlled substances.

The Atadas patented (U.S. Patent No. 11,238,958) PillCountPro™ technology is first-in-market to provide “between refill” monitoring of medication treatments. Our platform reminds patients of their next dose, randomly schedules and requests a count of remaining pills and then randomly schedules assessments to determine their recovery and remission status. The technology is delivered to providers through an innovative “Pill Count as a Service” (PCaaS) and the AddMedPro™ platform.

Office Based Opioid Treatment

Practices offering office based opioid treatment (OBOT) are on the front lines of clinical, medication-assisted treatment (MAT). In response to their persistent and growing needs, Atadas has designed its telehealth solutions to enable OBOT providers and healthcare networks to:

  • Effectively RESPOND to patients’ needs with opioid use disorder (OUD)
  • Easily EXPAND and SIMPLIFY their practice to accommodate more patients
  • Seamlessly COMPLY with all regulatory regulations and guidelines
  • Provide valued-based OUD care delivery

The Pill Count as a ServiceSM (PCaaS) software automates random, mandatory pill counts; thus, eliminating the hassle of frequent visits to the physician’s office, allowing physicians to focus on patient care. Medication reminders and remote assessments are also offered.

Delivered with PCaaS, MATbuddy is a mobile app focused on medication adherence. This powerful, patient-side app allows for efficient and effective management of controlled substance compliance and helps OUD patients stay on track with their MAT program.

A cloud-based, OBOT platform providing collaborative care solutions that allow doctors to respond to OUD patients, comply with various regulations and maintain visibility on critical metrics for MAT.

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