Atadas Improves Access to Patient Engagement Modules

July 20, 2023

Nashville, Tenn., – July 18, 2023 – Atadas announces its latest AddMedPro® feature helping to improve patient engagement. The feature allows the patients to use a one-click activation on the mobile app, making the onboarding process easy and efficient. The AddMedPro® product line has been implemented to show an increase of 39% retention rate for patient new starts in medication-assisted treatments for opioid use disorder.

Research shows approximately 50% of patients who start medication-assisted treatment often drop out within a few months. This can be due to costs, access to treatment, stigma, and other factors. Recognizing this, Atadas expanded their addiction medicine compliance tools to address patient retention for OUD patients.

“A large portion of OUD patients fall out of treatment,” stated Bill Farr, CEO of Atadas, Inc. “We want to continue to help patients stay in treatment and making the tools super easy for patients to use helps overall retention and improves the probability of positive outcomes,” Farr added.

About Atadas

Nashville-based Atadas is a telehealth company leveraging technology and software to address the challenges physicians, patients and the pharmaceutical industry face in medication management. The Atadas AddMedPro® mobile platform is leading the evolution of medication management to reduce healthcare costs and save lives while adhering to all regulatory guidelines. The company developed its telehealth platform to allow patients to access providers and comply with treatment regulations without face-to-face interaction during the COVID pandemic. To learn more, visit

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