Atadas Inc. and Spero Health partner to increase multi-state Patient Retention in outpatient addiction treatment and success of medication-assisted treatment programs

June 21, 2023

Nashville, Tenn., – June 21, 2023 – Atadas Inc., a telehealth technology company, and Spero Health, an outpatient provider specializing in addiction treatment of substance use disorders, joined forces to expand a unique patient-retention technology platform, AddMedPro, across the six states in which Spero Health operates. The technology changes the way medication-assisted treatments are personalized to meet the specific needs of patients by delivering remote, patient-centered, evidence-based feedback for increased retention, and enhanced provider-patient connections.

A teammate-based approach to treatment allows patients to continue working and caring for their families as they overcome addiction. One Tennessee clinic piloting AddMedPro® demonstrated good retention of patients on medication-assisted treatment who otherwise would not have stayed in the program and who are now on a path to sustain recovery with support from their provider.

“Our technology gives patients a lifeline to always feel connected and personalizes programs to meet their specific needs,” stated Bill Farr, CEO of Atadas, Inc. “Spero Health’s care model combines physical and behavioral healthcare services to treat the whole patient. We support tens of thousands of patients in treatment and on the path to successful outcomes, no matter how far away they live from their physician and care team,” Farr added.

The AddMedPro platform is one of the first patented platforms to combine remote medication management with patient engagement and education, treatment adherence and regulatory compliance support for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, including medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD). The technology is customizable for providers and allows SUD patients accessibility 24/7 through a secure mobile app.

The “Spero Anywhere” initiative makes it as easy as possible for patients to get the help they need. CEO Steve Priest said, “Tens of thousands of patients turn to Spero Health daily as they begin their recovery journey. Patient retention is a critical focus for us as it correlates with long term success. The Atadas AddMedPro platform helps drive our patient engagement objectives and fosters a sense of community allowing patients to stay more connected with their care team. This outcome underscores our commitment to a tailored and innovative approach that meets the unique needs of each individual patient, resulting in positive advancements in their overall well-being. We look forward to on-going collaboration with the Atadas team in our quest to find innovative solutions to provide the highest quality care,” Priest added.

About Atadas

Nashville-based Atadas is a telehealth company leveraging technology and software to address the challenges physicians, patients and the pharmaceutical industry face in medication management. The Atadas AddMedPro® mobile platform is leading the evolution of medication management to reduce healthcare costs and save lives while adhering to all regulatory guidelines. The company developed its telehealth platform to allow patients to access providers and comply with treatment regulations without face-to-face interaction during the COVID pandemic. To learn more, visit

About Spero Health

Based in Nashville, Tenn., Spero Health operates more than 95 freestanding outpatient clinics located throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. Spero Health has helped more than 40,000  patients on their journey to stable recovery from addiction to become one of the largest office-based opioid treatment providers in the country. A CARF-accredited, community-based organization, Spero is in network with Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans.


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